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see if. you visit. the. rebels in libya march towards the capital forces acting outside the u.n. resolution designed to protect civilians and police the no fly zone. people in tripoli are panicking with reports of the rebels are closing in there's simply no way to run jointly point to syria from the capital city in a few moments and i'll bring you more here in the rebel stronghold. advances the. town. also. arrests in connection with. an operation in
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russia's volatile republic of. radiation one hundred thousand times above normal. as japan battles to prevent meltdown while struggling thousands of tsunami victims to rest. this is from the russian capital where it's now nine pm and seven pm in libya where there are conflicting reports about just how far west rebels have advanced towards the libyan capital tripoli the opposition claims it controls gadhafi his hometown but reporters say the city is still in government hands well earlier i spoke to our correspondents in benghazi. in the capital tripoli. this city is a sense of panic here in the capital city there's almost a sense of fear that you can touch the reports so so conflicting and that is what
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is making people here so distressed why now we hear that the rebels are thirty kilometers away from gadhafi hometown of sirte the next hour we hear that they've been pushed back a hundred kilometers the frontline no doubt keeps shifting but in the early hours of this morning monday we actually heard that the rebels were inside the city itself they were never supposed to get this far and that is why talking to people here in the libyan capital there's a sense of almost amazement that they have advanced this father no doubt the threats and the claims by the rebels that the ultimate goal is to reach trippin he is why some in the capital city are starting to respond by saying they will be a bloodbath now we've been hearing from search itself that at one stage we could have a few soldiers they were holding up white flags and that rebels advance forward but then there was some kind of clashes in the rebels were treated so well to the ports receiving at the moment all quite confusing and that is why people here are so long to they do understand what if it was the reality on the ground no doubt gadhafi forces all moving that even much closer to the capital city it's also interesting
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to note how the government has been responding in the last few hours they have stepped up their p.r. efforts as foreign journalists working here we're not being invited almost allenby on various choices and excursions to visit cities that are clearly in gadhafi is hands and this of course is an effort by the government to put across the message into the international community that they are still winning this war we are also hearing from the town of misrata they the government has declared a cease fire but the reaction from the rebels is that they simply do not believe this and certainly here talking to libyans in the capital city they will say this with a tiny easy about the cease fire that the government has announced in the past the latest word from this russia is that there is heavy shelling we're now hearing again reports of snipers standing on the roofs and she took anything that moves we were hearing those kind of reports just a few days ago so certainly the action on the ground putting up across the east across the country across the northern coast and joe. an eagle out of there in a rebel stronghold in libya's second largest city benghazi we've heard how tense it
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is there in tripoli at the moment how the people there are responding to the volunteers further west illustration is quite different from tripoli here in the we are also hearing shots being fired into the air but these are shots marking celebration and there are signs of applause to the opposition because any news that is received here in benghazi or even any speculation about any victories out there on the front by the opposition that's greeted here with great applause and with the first rumors of sirte being taken over by the opposition that was in the middle of the night we heard we heard shots fired into the air here in the city and can still hear it from time to time as i guess some of the rebel rebel groups get the news about the military operations going out going on out there on the front but i can tell you as we traveled from the egyptian border here towards bin ghazi it's pretty
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clear that the school port of the country the east side of libya is in full control of the opposition the road the main road which links benghazi to to egypt that's heavily heavily guarded by the national police and it's also clear and it's quite visible on the the actual the rebel force and what it consists of from teenagers to old men carrying old rifles or a k forty seven but everybody here is against gadhafi regime and are for any success successful news from the opposition on the front paula back to you there in tripoli is there any concrete evidence with regards to the number of civilian casualties that's been reported it's very hard to get the concrete evidence that you asked. in terms of the libyan state television reporting that more than a hundred civilians have so far been killed in these coalition
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a strike we know that they were for the first time a strike from the city of set there with three young men who were killed we know that they have been explosions in the same to the country and city now here in tripoli as it begins to get dark this is the time that the air strikes begin over the capital city a short time ago the libyan state television also started broadcasting pictures of moammar gadhafi he is in find a car he is in his compound and he's being flanked by supporters now we have no way of verifying when this footage was taken and if indeed he's inside that car but it certainly gives you a sense of the way the regime is handling the situation at the moment very much trying to put the message across that they still in control and that gadhafi is still the man with leading this country when you go to benghazi was reporting massive casualties last week when gadhafi troops were advancing what's a situation where you know any signs of destruction no this is a big city with a population of over one million people but the the traces of the recent violence
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are still seen in all parts of it's mostly government buildings like police offices which have been burned down nearly completely there is this huge compound which was actually even used by gaddafi himself when he stayed here and visited bin guys if there's a huge wall around it well i saw it with my own eyes that this wall was completely torn down i guess by the thousands of protesters and the revolutionaries as these events were unfolding here and as the local see in their eyes he was being that we were related from the regime generally at the moment it seems that signs of normal life or coming back some shops reopened and there is food and water in the city elektra's city as well there are big problems with phone connections that's not working. specially if we're talking about international calls so perhaps i think that could be one of the reasons behind this various information and
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different conflicting reports coming from the front because of the poor connection between the rebels themselves let's talk about the ongoing foreign military operation taking place there in libya coalition air strikes made it possible for the rebels to advance do you think that patton will change when nato takes full command talking to people here most people don't actually think the pattern will change when nato takes full command when i is asked say it on that meeting tomorrow tuesday that will take place in london this will give some kind of political direction to the nato coalition now we do understand that countries such as france and germany they have to say nine hundred usd a very concerned about the future of the operation particularly a country like italy from there in naples the whole nato operation will be based we hear in the tegan saying that they need to eat an immediate cease fire they'll particularly concerned about the number of immigrants that are coming today shows and more and more we hear that people are going there from here from libya turkey
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has stated it will participate in this nato mission but it too says its role will only be in terms of humanitarian assistance now i think what the government here in tripoli is hoping is that as you have more and more nations controlling and commanding this operation they will be more dissenting voices and perhaps the maintenance perhaps the steam for this operation to continue will be diminished. in benghazi. russia's foreign minister says the international coalition is acting outside the limits of the u.n. resolution in libya is also demanding independent verification into reports of civilian casualties in the foreign forces assault on syria has the details. from the very start russia has been a reluctant participant in the what is going on in libya at the moment what worries the foreign minister right now in this statement he says that it appears that coalition forces are taking sides in his worries come amid
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a nato statement saying that they will stick to the books and do what is stipulated there no more no less well let's look at the u.n. resolution it says there that it authorizes all necessary measures to protect civilians will their words all necessary measures could be open to interpretation but protecting civilians is definitely stated there as the goal and so what worries the a russian government is that the offensive is going beyond just protecting civilians that the coalition forces taking sides is clearly not stipulated well let's hear more from the foreign minister sergey lavrov we should. is taking part in a civil war in libya by talk between colonel gadhafi troops and the supporting the rebels this was not sanctioned by the u.n. resolution which stated that the coalition can only enforce a no fly zone and protect the civilian population should the recent concerns about the unconfirmed reports of civilian deaths caused by the airstrikes and we would like this information to the kind of the u.n. has every means to carry this out and we are expecting this to happen as soon as possible so again it's so he's going back to what is stipulated to be a u.n.
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resolution and again when russia abstained from voting they clearly stated their position that they are against the use of force on civilians by the gadhafi regime however they did have a lot of questions with regard to the rules of engagement the limits of engagement and right now these are the questions that are coming forward and again as the accompli gun falls in libya we can see a lot of the countries especially those that had abstained to keep looking at the actions versus what is stipulated and had been agreed upon on paper. in moscow well you can stay up to date with developments in libya online on twitter stream gives you first hand accounts from our correspondents and they're also regular updates on our facebook page and we're posting video reports on you tube channel.
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syria's government is promising reforms following a wave of deadly protests in the flashpoint coastal town of the troops have been deployed after twelve people were killed over the weekend and it calls for political freedoms our correspondent that is in the capital damascus. the country's military helicopters are patrolling the city we can see them and hear them becomes you can hear them for yourself it's quite loud here in the capital over the weekend witnessed a very intense situation on the streets with thousands of people were protesting and they were shouting and shooting us while almost every car in the capital escalus every bill to pass the floor to the president so they kept the celtics very
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presidential at the moment where the situation of course is very much different in the south of the country where we have seen the antichrist that she lands a government pricing out for the weekend dozens were killed pretty quick people are demanding currently from the government is said the lifting of the emergency now the restrictions on cheney public gatherings and also will to prices the government to arrest anyone who is suspected of threatening the country's security and government officials have sat that said the law is to be lifted spot they never specified when that would happen or blaming foreign forces for the violence that's unfolding in the south of the country and they will be gand was when a bunch of schoolkids in the south of syria started writing and sorry governmental slogans on the walls and they were arrested for that after that people took to the
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streets demanding that those schoolkids are released well another reason for the uprising see here in syria is of course the rallies that are taking place across the arab world and the question remains whether when you see another military intervention here in syria a similar to the one it's taking place in libya even though the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has sat that speech arab revolution is unique each our arab uprising is unique and series not going to see another military. similar military intervention number one last the main reason for the u.s. led military campaign in libya was the fact that the country's leadership started using a military force against is only people and the similar situation is taking place here in syria at the moment where the country's authorities have already deployed troops to the south of the country to stop the protestors. with the latest from syria which is in the grip of government protests and james dens lowe who is
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a writer on middle east politics and security issues told me earlier that although the west has no appetite to intervene in syria's affairs right now it might change its mind. it's bad to predict what's going to happen in the middle east at the moment but i would say that certainly what from what we're hearing from washington and from the europeans there is no appetite for expanding the current intervention that we're seeing in libya i think even in libya the americans have been very quick to hand over to nato and therefore sort of wash their hands of total responsibility for what will happen next that hillary clinton was quoted as saying that she still believes that bashar assad is a reformer someone who can potentially deliver a better syria rather than heading down into civil war which would have huge repercussions for the rest of the middle east bearing in mind syria's geo strategic position so i don't see any kind of appetite at present for western intervention in syria that said syria has a legacy in the main in the eighty's of heavy handed clampdowns on its own sort of
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civil protests and i think if we saw anything like what happened in say nine hundred eighty two in hamma there west would be forced to intervene simply because the level of bloodshed but i think once again we're a long way away from that right now certainly libya has a more natural resources in terms of oil and is of course located right on the southern flank of some pretty powerful european states syria on the other hand is deeply intertwined in the middle east peace process relations with israel of course it has a longstanding and very complicated relationship with lebanon a country which still has yet to form a government following syria's ally hezbollah sort of bringing down the previous one and of course has links with iraq to i i'm interested in what i've heard from various commentators about the role the saudis and the jordanians have had in putting pressure on the americans to sort of back off syria and syria usually is an easy punch bag for the american administration has always been quite happy to have a go at the state's actions and its lack of democracy and freedoms but it is quite interesting that she said the americans almost defending bashar assad as
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a reformer today i think which is a reflection of how incredibly dynamic and fluid the situation is in the middle east at present. and that was james denselow talking to me a little earlier right on middle east politics and security issues. two suspects thought to be behind the tora bombing at moscow's domodedovo airport have been detained in russia's southern republic of english the anti terror committee says the pair were arrested during a special operation. brings us the details. according to sources within the local security offices we know that the operation was being planned for a long time that the number of people who knew about it was minimal so that the operation could be successful we know that seventeen other militants were actually killed as a result of that operation and two men were detained those two men the brothers are believed by security forces to be involved in the terrorist attack on the moscow domodedovo airport which took place
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a few months ago those two men are believed to be by security forces the two men who actually a score to the suicide bomber to moscow brought him to the airport and left him there to detonate his deadly device now those men were of course proclaimed wanted security officials have now made their arrests and they will be prosecuting them with all the evidence that they have so far managed to gather the two men are believed to be a part of a group that are planned and carried out the suicide bombing in moscow demanded of us airports and devastating moscow metro bombings according to russia's most wanted terrorist. they were acting under his command tuesday will mark a year since a two devastating blast tore through the moscow metro system both very central locations one of them slowed down coming to a station the other partly due to both of course in the heart of the russian capital don could being just steps away from the kremlin of course the heart of the russian capital both attacks took place during the early morning rush hour wounding
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dozens of people killing over forty hundreds of people will flock to both of those stations bringing candles flowers holding vigils we know that a lot of people are going to come to pay their respects to all those who lost their lives to show support for all of those who lost loved ones in those terrible attacks basically it'll be kind of a show of strength and support for the people of this country they will. each other that they are able to come together in tough times like these support one another and of course not rest until authorities find those responsible for these terrible attacks and make sure that they do everything in their hands to prevent similar attacks from ever happening again. and japan's troubled fukushima nuclear plant high levels of radiation have been detected in a trench outside one of the reactors there reading say it's one hundred thousand times above normal similar to the levels found in the water used to cool reactor
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number two on sunday well earlier the plant operator tepco mistakenly said levels were ten million times above normal the japanese government slammed the company for what it called unacceptable mistakes in handling the crisis fears of a nuclear meltdown began when four. reactors were severely damaged by the massive earthquake and tsunami the tragedy has claimed over ten thousand lives so far sixteen thousand still missing there are reports it's leaving destroyed communities struggling to cope with the overwhelming number of dead. instead of a problem. a mass grave the japanese always there but not the crematorium is at full capacity. have been turned into emergency graveyards. these people be buried in contravention to japanese tradition when there is an opportunity they'll have to be exuma and only then cremated instead of a priest
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a town official conducts an impromptu ceremony is only just devised. this is horrible we're just trying to bring these people closure as best as we can get is a traditional fishing town after being struck by the earthquake and the tsunami it was then ravaged by fires that last a day the road at least five hundred dead in the biting when family members get just a few minutes before construction workers buried the coffins. we. only it will take for the crematoriums to be able to process these bodies probably several. many of the relatives have themselves lost houses as well as their loved ones. on this what is going on with other things for two weeks we search for my cousin and now at least we know what happened to her meanwhile soldiers rake through the remains of the town untouched since the disaster they say there may still be hundreds of bodies below the rubble. out of. japan.
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well by the way you can get more on the situation in japan on our website dot com we have a full chronicle of events from when the country was hit by the earthquake and tsunami the consequences of the nuclear crisis spread internationally now japan's having trouble with exports as people goods may spread radioactive contamination you can read all about that on our web site. seismologists say that japan's disaster is just the start of a decade of trouble from the pacific. let's have a quick look at some other international news that's making headlines this hour an explosion at an ammunitions factory in southern yemen is now thought to have killed one hundred ten people and left dozens of others wounded the plan to be raided by suspected al qaeda militants who clashed with government forces it was apparently looted by civilians medical and security officials say many women and children are
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among the victims. italy's prime minister has appeared in court hearings where he faces corruption charges. accused of tax for whatever the film rights by his mediaset company is his first personal presence in a courtroom for almost eight years despite being involved in four trials including one for allegedly paying for sex with an underage girl but it's going to deny the charges. germany's green party are celebrating a key victory in a state which chancellor merkel's conservative controlled for almost six decades being seen as a sign of widespread opposition to merkel's nuclear policy and decisions on libya and the euro in neighboring france presents a ruling party suffered a similar fate when opposition socialists took a decisive local election when it adds pressure on sarkozy who faces a presidential election in a year from now. brings up today for the moment in a few minutes we'll be exploring a city you can't see unless you delve deep underground before that it's the
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business update with dmitri. and in a warm welcome to the business show on c russia's oil giant. pipeline monopoly transnet want to take china's national petroleum corporation to court as they wait for sea million dollars they say the firm has bailed to pay for january oil shipments alone russia and china signed a contract in two thousand and nine providing ross snapped entranced with a twenty five billion dollar loan in exchange for shipments of oil through the pacific ocean pipeline the total sum of the chinese side has allegedly fall and short of amounts to one hundred million dollars because of that russia as well monopoly transnet is now in debt to ross nafta for oil that it purchased and live at the china richard swan from platts energy agency says it's unlikely this dispute will get out of hand. does seem strange that what should be
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a simple commercial arrangement should have this discrepancy over really quite big sums of money so this is a highly unusual but this is an unusual pipeline it's not unusual project the role of trans if it comes in here is the pipeline company they don't own the oil at the start of the chain but they take delivery of it and push it all the way to the chinese border china seems to be lobbying and we're hearing the kind of not happy with the price the implied price for the transport costs along the pipeline i think they think they should be paying a lower price than people who take the same oil but on russia's pacific coast when it comes out to cause meaning now again there's no clarity over exactly how these costs are calculated and is the price china paid is it pegged to the urals export price. or is it actually pegged to the new cause mino price and when does that switch happen. to the stock markets now u.s. markets started the week on a positive note with the dow and nasdaq up around well one percent this hour
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that's right general positive picture across the board. putting on some of the biggest gains boosted by better than expected increases in consumer spending. in europe investors remained cautious on renewed concerns about plans nuclear crisis and ongoing unrest in the middle east the euro was getting worse in the dollar than was easy the chairman tree shading became the rate hike maybe. here in russia the markets did recover from early losses in monday's session and ended up point two percent at the close of the r.t.s. sex take a look at some of the stocks energy majors gaining the most rosneft up one percent gazprom one point two percent that's despite the ongoing conflict with c n p c. banking stocks were among the main losers with bank losing around two thirds of a percent chief strategist former says the russian market is likely to see more of
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. the russian investors are just struggling in the moment to find stories to trade a. few zeroes in from russia that we've heard of the first quarter of this year has really been because the old prices trade up so strongly three hundred five dollars a barrel there is a story with a really clear catalyst investors have been coming in very strongly and we saw that in the end of last week and also today with with ross telecom which is going to be added to v.s.e. i rush index of the end of may. and best to sort of benchmark index need to. add to that position so we've seen a very large volumes in that stock russia's federal grid company has listed its global depository receipts on the london stock exchange the company's deputy chairman and blake has a chunk of reveals the reasons behind the. and. one of the main goals is to improve our share liquidity we also want to ensure maximum access for
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international investors to the if g c shares and to ensure the active presence of the company in the international markets concerning a possible privatization of the stake owned by the government in view of the disaster in japan could reduce global car production by first two percent that's according to latest research from i.h.s. consulting many japanese carmakers are holding work at their local factories with producers in other countries suffering from the lack of components being distributed i.h.s. consulting says while companies currently have some reserves they could be used up by mid april if automakers find no alternative global production may fall from three hundred thousand cars a day to around two hundred thousand meanwhile general motors ford and poser center and have already cut production in a number of european plants so for now we'll be back in the one hour's time with an update of the latest business news headlines are next on this day with us.
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